Being a Mentee

Mentoring is proven to be one of the most important steps to a successful career. It opens doors to new networks, collaborations, and opportunities. Mentoring is a particularly effective support system for meeting challenges that individuals face in common or that affect particular groups of people (e.g. Youth, Women, Entrepreneurs).


Individuals who are mentored are more likely to become mentors themselves and “pay it forward” in the same fashion to continue the cycle.


Ideal Mentees for our programs are emerging and ambitious leaders who meet the following criteria:

  • Interested in learning more about the importance of leadership and participation in business and society.
  • Motivated to learn about the value of Mentoring from established leaders who can share their experiences.
  • Are of an appropriate stage/level in their life/career to benefit from the knowledge and experience of an established leader/professional.
  • Committed to corresponding regularly with their Mentor and driving the Mentoring relationship.
  • Committed to “paying it forward” as they progresses in their own journey.


The Passionate Professional offers Mentee Readiness Training for those Mentees interested in being equipped with skills and tools to maximise and best leverage of the Mentoring relationship. 

Visit our Training page to see when the next training is scheduled.