Events Overview

The Passionate Professional hosts a range of programs and events - both public and bespoke - focused on providing platforms conducive to leadership development and Mentorship. The core programs/events currently hosted are:


Mentoring Walk

The Mentoring Walk convenes established leaders and emerging leaders to walk together in their community. As they walk, they discuss their professional challenges and successes to establish a Mentoring relationship, in which the established leader guides, advises and supports an emerging leader. The Mentoring Walk is an off-spin of the Vital Voice's Global Women's Mentoring Walk held annually on the same day in countries across the world.


The Mentoring Walk is hosted by The Passionate Professional and was brought to South Africa for the very first time, by the Founder Hema Vallabh, in 2013.


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Mentorship Musings

Mentorship Musings creates a platform for inspired conversation and networking with a focus on Mentorship. Bringing together leaders passionate about Mentorship, aspiring leaders thirsty for guidance and free-thinkers & game-changers looking to share their journeys, Mentorship Musings highlights the power of Mentorship through real life experiences and stories.


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