I would like to participate in The Passionate Professional programs but there are no relevant events scheduled. Can I still apply to be a Mentor or Mentee?

Yes, complete the Mentor Nomination or Mentee Application forms and we will contact you when the next event is scheduled or an opportunity arises.

How do I subscribe to The Passionate Professional newsletter/mailing list?

Scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email address.

Where can I find The Passionate Professional Terms & Conditions?

Click here to go to The Passionate Professional Terms & Conditions.

Are payments made on The Passionate Professional website safe & secure?

Yes. The Passionate Professional uses the PayGate payment system. For more information about PayGate, click here.

Who do I contact if I have a query regarding application or booking for an event, training or opportunity?

You can email info@thepassionateprofessional.org.



What is the Mentorship Hub?

The Mentorship Hub is an online Mentoring Community promoting effective and impactful Mentoring. The Mentorship Hub provides an easy, accessible and private platform where established and emerging leaders can connect, build and foster Mentoring relationships focused on continuous self-development, growth and excellence.

Why should I join the Mentorship Hub??

The Mentorship Hub offers a wide range of features for Mentors and Mentees to connect online. Hub members also have the opportunity to pre-register for public events and training, as well as received discounts rates for all offerings from The Passionate Professional. A variety of free events and training are also made exclusively available to Hub members. For a detailed overview of The Hub features, click here.

Who should join the Mentorship Hub?

The Mentorship Hub is for:
Mentees - individuals looking to connect with a Mentor or peers in their industry and with similar interests. Mentees are also individuals who are committed to developing themselves as leaders and Mentors for the future.
Mentors - for individuals who would like to act as a Mentor to those individuals looking to be Mentored. The Mentorship Hub is also for those individuals who have attended The Passionate Professional events and training, and would like to connect with other attendees online.

I am not from South Africa, can I still join The Hub?

Yes, The Hub is open to international users.

How do I join the Mentorship Hub?

Click here to join the Mentorship Hub.

Why is there a fee to join The Hub?

The Passionate Professional has implemented a subscription fees as a mechanism to ensure that those individuals who join The Hub, both as Mentees and Mentors, are serious about and committed to the Mentoring relationship. The fee helps mitigate dormant profiles to ensure an interactive experience on The Hub for registered members. Being a member on The Hub enables you to receive discounts on The Passionate Professional and partner events. A number of free events are made exclusively available to Hub members. 

Should any individual require financial assistance to participate as a Mentor/Mentee on The Hub, you can email info@thepassionateprofessional.org to request a potential discount or fee waiver.

Can I apply to be a Mentor for other programs without joining the Mentorship Hub?

Yes, click here to apply to be a Mentor.

Do I have to join the Mentorship Hub in order to attend The Passionate Professional events?

No, but Hub members are offered discounted rates to The Passionate Professional offerings. Events, training and opportunities are also first made available to Hub members before being advertised to the public.



What are the requirements to be a Mentor on the Mentorship Hub or for The Passionate Professional programs?

Mentors – Read more about Being a Mentor.

What are the requirements to be a Mentee on the Mentorship Hub or for The Passionate Professional programs?

Mentees – Read more about Being a Mentee.

What is a Youth Mentor?

A Youth Mentor is typically a Mentee who would like to take on the role of a Mentor to mentor youth at school level. This is an opportunity for Mentees to pay it forward by giving back to the next generation.

What are the requirements to be a Youth Mentor?

The requirements to be a Youth Mentor are the same as being a Mentor. Read more about Being a Mentor.

Why is there a Primary and Secondary role?

Indicating the roles that you are participating on The Hub helps other Hub members to know in what capacity they should connect with you in.



How do I apply to be a Facilitator on the Mentorship Hub?

The Passionate Professional invites like-minded leadership development specialists, with a focus on Mentorship, to join The Mentorship Hub as facilitators. To apply to be a facilitator, email info@thepassionateprofessional.org.