Success Story List

Mentee Morongwa Mocwaledi sharing a moment of gratitude
27 Jan,2016

I cannot express how thrilled I am to have been part of the mentorship walk. I have been part of some mentoring programs before, and they do not come close to what I experienced yesterday, meeting high profile women from across Africa and different industries, made me realize that I can also can make it. I have learnt so much yesterday and I will also be sharing the knowledge that I got yesterday to the youth out there.

A special Thank you to the Founder of Mentoring Walk, Syson Kunda, Deborah Dugan, Nomfundo Khabela, Gina Mostert, Dr. Victoria Selfina Kisyombe, and Laura Akunga. I have learnt and still yet to learn from these ladies

- Mentee, Morongwa Mocwaledi via email

Dudu and Lebogang
29 Jan,2016

Dudu and Lebogang were paired at the International Women’s Day Mentoring Walk on 8th March 2014. 

They recently sent this picture of them at one of their regular Mentoring meetings. Lebogang attests much of her success of recent time to the support and guidance given to her by her Mentor Dudu Msomi, Founder of Busara Leadership Partners. They both claim that this is just the beginning of a long, beautiful journey ahead.

Alta McMaster & Swarika Singh
02 Feb,2016

Alta and Swarika, a Mentor and Mentee who were paired at the debut Mentoring Walk in November 2013 share their success story:

What has the Mentoring journey been like for you?
Mentor (Alta McMaster):  It has been an amazing opportunity and a privilege for me to be in the position where I could guide, impart skills and knowledge to someone else to help them develop and grow.   The reason I established the EPIC Foundation is because of my passion to help others.   This programme is to me an extension to this by being of value to someone else.  As mentoring is the process in which we help our mentees set important goals and develop the skills to reach them, it also encouraged me to start up my Dare to Dream programme again – since starting up again, I have been able to run the programme to many individuals out there who are in need of some encouragement to gain focus on their lives again.  As my EPIC Foundation is only 1 year old, there is also a lot of scope where Swarika can get involved.   It is important for me to have people associated with my Foundation who share my passion in the work I do.   Through the perfect matching process done by Hema, Swarika is the ideal person to involve in the organization.   I am positive that we will achieve a lot going forward, and in turn be able to expand the scope of our reach to assist others.
Mentee (Swarika Singh): My mentoring journey has been a highly rewarding and educational one. It has afforded me an opportunity to develop my communication skills, expand my view points and to consider new ways of approaching various situations. On the whole it has allowed me to reflect on my life and the choices that I have made in both a personal and a professional capacity. I have found new innovative ways to discover and pursue my strengths and my passion so that I can ultimately make a significant difference. What has made my journey even more amazing was the time and effort Hema put in in pairing Alta and myself. I could not have asked for a better Mentor. Alta and I share a common passion to help others which formed an excellent foundation for us to build our relationship. Alta is always there to offer support and guidance". Getting the most out of life is not about how much you keep for yourself, but, how much you pour on others" - David Stoddardsi

What are the greatest lessons learnt?
Mentor:  Mentorship is a positive experience for both the mentor and the mentee.   Both can learn from each other and inspire each other.  More than being a formal programme it is also an opportunity to develop great friendships of powerful women.
Mentee: My greatest lesson that I learnt, is to never underestimate the strength of Women. Alta is a living testament of this!
"Women are like tea bags, we don't know our true strength until we are in hot water" - Eleanor Roosevelt

Feedback on the work done by The Passionate Professional?
Mentor:  Since the moment I met Hema her passion and commitment to the programme was evident.   She inspires all of us to give our best.  Due to this, I am committed to remain a part of this programme going forward and am excited about the future of the Mentorship Walk. 
Mentee: Hema Vallabh is a truly passionate professional who I have had the pleasure to meet at the Mentoring Walk last November. Hema played an instrumental part in bringing this amazing initiative to South Africa. This platform has enabled young women to engage and communicate with talented leaders who we would not normally have access to. Hema, herself is a product of Mentoring hence she understands the importance of a Mentor in lives of young aspiring women. Her passion for people and people development is inspiring to all young ladies.